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Struggling To Get Your Health Back On Track
Despite Working Hard To Get Rid Of
Toxins, Mould And EMF?

Discover HOW To Maintain
A Healthy Home…

So That You Can Ensure That You Are
Doing All You Can To Support
Your Health And Your Loved Ones’

** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD


Maintaining a Healthy Home is an online course
that will take you through all you need to know
to keep your home healthy… and your family’s.

7 Modules Packed With
Useful Information…
Completely Fluff-free!


If like me, you’ve put in loads of work to make your home a healthy one, then you are going to want your efforts to last.

If you’d like certainty about how to maintain your home so it supports your health…

Without Googling for hours (or weeks), without getting mediocre advice, without getting confused by misinformation or clever marketing…

Then This Will Be The
Most Important Online Course
That You Enrol in This Year

But before I tell you all about the goodness, I want to make it clear…

There will be regular tasks for you to do around your place.

And it is not just about cleaning…

There is no magic pill insofar as never having to lift a finger again…

But I will make it easy for you to know what to do, when to do it and most importantly how to do it to get the best results with the least effort.

So that the effort you put in will be totally worth it.


Because your home will support your health, it will become and remain your safe haven, your launching pad for all else in terms of your wellbeing.

We’ll simplify things.

Use only proven methods.

And build on my insights from helping thousands of people.

I Will Be Showing You
The Best Tips & Tricks
To Maintain Your Home…

… so that no stone is left unturned.

… so that you don’t miss the important bits.

… so that it supports your health and your loved ones’.

** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD


If you’ve done other programs, perhaps even had your home assessed for various hazards, or maybe you’ve made your way through the web researching alone…

Then I have to say,

“You’ve made a great start! But that is only the beginning…”

But in my experience, it is the truth.

Here’s why:

Most programs cover one thing – like chemical ingredients in personal care or cleaning products
The assessment identified hazards, which you have addressed, but a healthy home needs maintenance
Googling will give you pointers, perhaps even conflicting ones, but this is not a holistic approach

And until now, there has been no guide or methodology that has been available to the public.

So how could you know all the ins and outs of this?

It just isn’t possible.

Gosh, I could share some stories with you about the house I used to live in before I learned about healthy homes.

I now call this place The House of Horrors because there were so many issues, and I knew so little about this…

And even the books I read only shed a small amount of light on the topic.

But what if…

You knew exactly what to do in every room of your home, as well as how and when to do it…

You were shown how to prevent issues…

You could follow a step-by-step guide…

That would be great, wouldn’t it?

So instead of –

… Hoping you are getting it right for your little one with allergies.

… Wasting money on devices and gizmos to manage EMF.

… Or worse still, missing potential sources of mould.

… I Will Be Sharing With You Information
Previously Only Shared With
My Private Clients…

Apart from being incredibly valuable – this information can be life-changing!

I know you’ll totally understand…

If you are a parent of a child who has allergies or sensitivities

If you have environmental sensitivities

If you are mould-sensitive

If you have a young family and want to give your kids
the best foundation

If anyone in your household is struggling

… to regain their health.

… to sleep well at night.

… to break through the glass ceiling of health.

You’ll understand that

This Is Why Maintaining A Healthy Home
Is Essential

You need to learn all the expert tips on how to manage this and maintain a healthy home.

And there is a lot to learn.

** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD


And if you have had your home assessed, and implemented the recommendations, then first I want to say, “Well done!”

Because this is an incredible first step.

But there is more to having a healthy home than having a one-off assessment.

There’s the regular stuff, for sure…

And then…

Just say, you –

Decide to Renovate
I’ll show you how to avoid potential hazards.

Find Out That You Have an Allergy To Dust Mites
Then you can follow the steps included to manage dust mites.

You Suddenly Discover Condensation in Your New Home
You’ll know what to do and how to manage it.

It’s all about being proactive, rather than reactive.

About being ahead of the game –

Knowing what to expect and how to avoid problems.
Having strategies in place so you don’t miss a thing.
Knowing the methods to deal with issues as they arise.

It is about understanding your place so
you can pre-empt and predict issues…
Or catch them in their earliest stages
and take action.

And you know what?

When you know how, it’s actually really quick and easy to do!

I Created This Course For
People Just Like You!

People who want and need a healthy home.

People who understand that you need more than the keys to your dream home – you need the address as well! 😉

People who appreciate the value in the insights I will share…

People like:

Maintaining a Healthy Home

The Online Course
Designed to Help YOU
Create a Healthy Home that
Supports Your Health!

This course is designed to help you easily manage your home and be proactive…

Maintaining your home
Preventing issues
Knowing what to watch out for
Catching problems early
Acting quickly

If you are tired of struggling with your health, or watching members of your household struggle…

Then make it your priority to do this course!

When you harness the power of what I share,
you will be on top of it all and maintain the healthiest home for your loved ones with ease.

It’s not about:

Just keeping things clean;
Creating more work; or
Giving you tedious tasks

It’s all about:

Knowing what, how and when to do it;
Knowing what to look for and where to find it; and
Saving time, money and confusion
** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD


Here’s How it Works:

This Online Course Is About Taking Informed Action…

I will share with you all of the best strategies that I have recommended for my clients over the past eight years!

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what we’ll be doing:

Module 1:

The Kitchen

We’re going to start in the heart of the home because this is the area that our sustenance comes from.

Together we’ll identify all the tasks which need to be done to ensure that the kitchen really is a source of nourishment –

Including all the preventative measures.

Module 2:

Living Spaces and Home Office

These rooms – lounge, dining, rumpus, home office and study – are all rooms where we spend a lot of our time.

There are many items here which can adversely impact our health – and together we will check out what they are…

And I’ll show you how to manage them.

The Living Spaces and Home Office are incredibly important areas and I’ll show you how to maintain these areas with ease.

Module 3:


Bedrooms are literally the number one most important room of the home.

It is where we rest and where we heal.

I’ll take you through all the nooks and crannies to ensure that you know exactly what to do in order to get your bedroom healthy and keep it that way.

Module 4:

Bathrooms and Laundry

These are the “wet rooms” and can be one of the biggest problem areas in a home…

And not just in terms of mould!

I’ll share with you my tips and tricks so that you can stay on top of these tricky spaces and ensure that they support your health.

Module 5:


Cleaning is an essential step in maintaining a healthy home…

I will share with you time-saving methods that will ensure your home is clean and you don’t spend every waking moment keeping it that way!

Module 6:

General – Internal

In this module, I will cover all the remaining tips for the inside of your home…

And share “insider secrets” – the things that most people don’t even know about!

I want to support you in creating and maintaining a healthy home –

… And won’t be holding anything back!

Module 7:

General – External

Keeping the inside of your home spick and span and in order is only part of the puzzle.

Taking care of the structure and the surrounds is also super important.

In this module, I will show you all of the steps that you can take to ensure you have this covered, too!

Don’t Go It Alone…

Here’s is your chance to finally overcome the roadblocks that have been holding you back from creating the healthy home that you set out to…

This is your chance to understand the steps required to create and maintain a healthy home.

No skimming the surface, no lack of substance to the lessons…

Just a down-to-earth, fluff-free and information-dense online course where I share my expertise with you.

Maintaining a Healthy Home

Enrol now and start right away.

** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD


PLUS… You’ll Receive
These Additional Bonuses FREE!


Guide to Maintaining
A Healthy Home

(Valued At $197)

I am gifting you this Guide that was created exclusively for my high-end clients.

An invaluable gift that has been laid out in a clear format so that you can print it and follow the steps.

Nothing like making things easier, hey?

It has been stunningly designed and it will be a resource that you cherish.


90-minute Group
Coaching Call

(Valued At $497)

I want to make sure that you head out the other end of the course with all of your questions answered.

So, I am throwing in a 90-minute group coaching call where you can ask your questions and have them answered on the spot.

Whenever I host a group coaching call, the feedback I get is phenomenal because all those burning, niggling, frustrating questions are finally answered.


Lifetime Access to the entire course

(Valued At $397)

Once you enrol in Maintaining a Healthy Home you will have lifetime access to the course…

Including any updates!

I genuinely want you to create and maintain a home that supports your health now… and into the future.

I want you to have a safe haven for information – and know that you will be kept up-to-date.


I am also giving you access to our Facebook community so that you –

… can meet others,

… share your experiences,

… ask for guidance; and

… travel this path with others!

You won’t have to do this alone anymore!

This Isn’t A Fluffy Overview
That Lacks Substance…
This Is An Important Course That
Draws On A Wealth Of Training,
Expertise, And Insights From
Working With Real People.

** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD


The Important Details:

You Can Get Started RIGHT AWAY
This Is An Online Course, So You Can Access It From Anywhere In The World
You’ll Be Joining Lucinda LIVE For A Group Coaching Call (We’ll Email You The Details)
maintaining a healthy home computer

The Investment:

** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD


Here’s What You Get:

Lifetime access to 7 Modules with 44 Lessons via our online portal so you can access it wherever you are in the world
Worksheets to support your learning
The stunning Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Home so you can print it out and work through the tasks with ease
Tried and tested methods to ensure that you really are making a difference to the health of your household
Insights from my training, expertise and experience in helping thousands of people to reclaim their health so you can stop the hours of Googling, stop spending money on gadgets that do nothing, and finally make some real inroads
Fluff-free and succinct delivery of the information so you aren’t wasting time listening to someone waffle on – you get the nuts and bolts, the information shared in a clear and concise way
A 90-minute LIVE Group Coaching Call so that you can complete the course with no questions unanswered
Access to our Facebook community so that you can meet, chat with and inspire and be inspired by others on a similar path

This Course Is For You If…

You, or someone in your household, has been struggling to get back on top of your health;
You have had your home assessed and addressed the hazards that were identified;
You have done programs and learned a lot about healthy homes already;
You have been reading and researching this so much you can almost see it in your sleep;
OR… If you have a wealth of information already and haven’t gotten started on this, or got stuck due to overwhelm, confusion or you haven’t seen the results you expected.

Your Questions Answered…

Do I need to have an understanding of how to create a healthy home

Yes and No!

The information shared will be expressed clearly and in a way that assumes no prior knowledge.
However, the content of the course is based on you building on existing foundations of a healthy home.

Whilst this isn’t essential to have already implemented things, it is assumed you have a basic idea surrounding this.

What time of day does it all take place?

The course is online, so you can move through the lessons at a time that suits you.

The LIVE Group Coaching call will take place at a time that suits most students. It will be recorded, and you will have lifetime access to the replay.

As well, if you know you can’t attend, you can submit your question prior to the call, and I will answer it on the call for you.

But I am short on time… How can I fit this in?


Each week, a module is released, taking the overwhelm out of starting a new course.

I am very down-to-earth and fluff-free with my delivery, so all lessons are chunked into bite-sized pieces so that you can easily fit this into your life.

You are able to stop and start, and even replay videos whenever you like.

I can’t be at the computer for long periods of time…

No problem!

Lessons are around 5-15 minutes each in length – as I specialise in getting to the point – so you can watch them in a way that suits your needs.

As well, you have lifetime access to the course, which means you can move through it at your own pace.

Will I be learning anything new?

Of course!

I am no one-trick pony!
I have completed high level training, upskilled even further, been mentored by experts from around the world, as well as having assessed hundreds of buildings.

I have a wealth of information that draws from all of this, as well as insights from my own research and training of allied industries (from building surveyors to master builders to integrative doctors).

You can rest assured that I will be delivering information that you won’t find elsewhere.

I like learning in groups…


Many people who love learning in groups baulk at the idea of an online course.

But I have already considered you when I planned this course. ☺

This is why I have included two of the bonuses – access to our Facebook group so you can interact with your peers AND the Live Coaching Call where you can ask your questions and have them answered on the spot.

** On Sale Now **

Just $147 AUD