As my thank you to you for attending the launch of Earth Mother Sound Healing,

I would like to offer you a special discount on
Individual Sound Healings:

Book Now to Save 20%

Savings of over 60% off regular prices $195
 > $120
Online or In-person
75-minute private session

In these sessions:

We’ll set an intention
I will create a unique Sound Healing plan for your sessions
I will do an energy assessment
You can experience deep relaxation
We will reflect on each session at the end
​I will provide you with a short sound practise for you to do between sessions
I met Lucinda in early 2020 and was fortunate to embark on a sound healing journey with her. We have shared many moments together, first as sound healing students, then as fully certified practitioners. We have connected both face-to-face and online, exchanging and expanding our love for sound healing with each other and many other people.

I have received both one-on-one and group sessions from Lucinda and have been amazed by her natural gift for it. Lucinda is a talented practitioner with an ability to intuitively connect with me and to bring me to a deeply relaxed and rejuvenating inner space. She is genuine and gentle in her approach and I fully entrust myself in her capable hands. I leave every session with new insights, a lightness in my body and a joy in my heart. I thoroughly enjoy receiving sound healing from Lucinda and warmly recommend her to anyone who would like to discover this wonderful modality.

Nina Hakamies
Sound Healing Practitioner

Lucinda’s sound healing sessions were a delight to receive.

They supported me to surrender, realign and recharge my depleted energy systems whilst I was undergoing a challenging time
in my life.

Thank you Lucinda


My sound healing session with Lucinda was pure magic!

It was gentle, revealing, & encouraging.

The way Lucinda used creative methods + tools to produce sound AND used the in-between spaces for silence to guide our time together was exquisitely simplistic + absolutely wonderful.

It left me feeling both calmed & energized all at once.

In addition, her way of drawing out my intention at the beginning enabled me to enjoy the entire process with a clear direction yet not feeling forced at all.

I am so happy to have experienced this safe container with Lucinda and can’t wait to try it again!

Kyle Moss
Joyful Mindset Coach