As my thank you to you for attending the launch of Earth Mother Sound Healing,

I would like to offer you a special discount on
6 Individual Sound Healings:

Buy 4 and Get 2 FREE!

Savings of $570 off regular prices $1170 > $600
Online or In-person
6x 75-minute private session

In these sessions:

We’ll set an intention
I will create a unique Sound Healing plan for your sessions
​I will do an energy assessment
You can experience deep relaxation
We will reflect on each session at the end
​I will provide you with a short sound practise for you to do between sessions
The sound healing journey offered by Lucinda is a truly unique, uplifting and enriching experience that gently touches on the unconscious.

Lucinda creates a safe and nurturing space and utilises a wide variety of wonderful instruments to make this experience memorable.

Anne Hymer

Lucinda, thank you for the incredible sound healing session!!

I felt so peaceful and calm and warm and safe and relaxed during the session with you and the following days and weeks since have felt more grounded and centred and supported.

I loved the Mantra you gave me to recite/chant and have been using that to affirm the beautiful high vibrational forces that were abundant in the session.

Looking forward to coming along for regular sessions in the future!

Thank you! Namaste!

Mother, Singer-Songwriter,
Clinical Pastoral Carer

Lucinda is a highly skilled and caring practitioner.

The sound healing sessions with her
were a true delight.

They were relaxing and releasing, affirming and strengthening, and most insightful… exactly what I needed to support me through a major life transition.

I would highly recommend Lucinda’s
sound-healing sessions to others
so they too can benefit.

Jacqui Bohuslav-Andrews

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