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You’ll get access my soon to be launched Maintaining a Healthy Home course ($1997 value) completely FREE. Creating a home that supports yourself is a journey, but maintaining it is ongoing.

This course is designed to support you in knowing exactly what to do every step of the way so that your home supports your health and doesn’t damage it.

On top of that, I am also going to send you a beautiful double-walled glass cup for you to enjoy your beverages without exposing you to lead! ($150 value)

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Here’s What You Get:

Access to Lucinda’s Inner Circle so that you can receive unparalleled support from like-minded others for a whole year
Monthly Action Packs delivered directly to your door and LIVE group coaching calls every month (valued at over $1000 each and every month) so that you can have your questions answered, collaborate in real time about any issues you are facing and develop a deeper understanding of healthy home challenges and how to address them
Welcome Pack (valued at $597) so that you can understand to support your body to heal and stay on course no matter what, as well as some extra gifts
Access to our exclusive Detox Your Environment Inner Circle private Facebook group so that you can connect with like-minded people on a similar journey
Access to my latest online course Maintaining a Healthy Home (valued at $1997) – Taking you through all the tips and tricks so that you can ensure your home supports your health
A fabulous double-walled lidded Travel Cup (valued at $150) so that you can enjoy your beverage without being exposed to lead, as well as keeping it hot for longer

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