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Most of what is said about the Chakras is very superficial…

chakra series with Lucinda Curran @ earth mother sound healing

Join me as we take a deeper dive into the chakras.

Discover more about them, and how you can keep them in balance.


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Lucinda Curran, Earth Mother Sound Healing

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! I’m Lucinda, Sound Healing Practitioner and founder of Earth Mother Sound Healing.

I combine my background in health sciences with Sound Healing to bring you a a deeper insight into the Chakras –

Empowering you with deeper self awareness and a skillset to keep everything on an even keel.

What is the Chakra Series?

The Chakra Series is an online course that deepens your understanding of the main chakras, bringing greater self awareness and empowering you with a toolkit to keep your chakras in balance.


We begin with an introduction to set the scene and bring us all onto the same page for this fascinating and empowering journey.

Modules 1-7

In each of the first 7 modules, we explore and focus on one Chakra, the qualities of it, how it manifests when it is unbalanced, and what to do to bring it back into alignment.

There’s a meditation, Sound Healing and a set of activities that you can use to bring it back into alignment.

Module 8

In the final module, we’ll review each of the Chakras – in relation to each other.

As always, there’s a meditation.

In this module, the Sound Healing session is much longer as it brings all of the Chakras into alignment.

chakra series with Lucinda Curran @ earth mother sound healing

Enrol today for just AU$47

review of earth mother sound healing

Lucinda’s Earth Mother Sound Healing Chakra Series is an invitation into soul and the sacredness of everyday living.

Lucinda creates a respectful, gentle, encouraging and healing space … to learn and enter within each Chakra at one’s own pace

Through the meditation and sound healing I entered a deeper space of relaxation that enabled me to open to images, feelings, guidance, and insights

From the final [module] I felt lighter, joyful, loved, and renewed in heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit

~ Clare Woods

The Chakra Series

Here’s what you get…


A portal to access all the course materials to keep everything organised and in one place.


A print-friendly and a digital workbook that provides structure and support for you as you traverse Chakras.


A meditation with each module to hone in on the energy of the chakra and bring your awareness to it.

Sound Healing

A Sound Healing session for each Module to rebalance the focus Chakra and bring it back into alignment.

Chakra Toolkit

In each module, I’ll provide you with a toolkit so that you are empowered in keeping your Chakras in balance.

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access so that you can progress at your own pace, and revisit the content whenever you like.

chakra series with Lucinda Curran @ earth mother sound healing

Enrol today for just AU$47

What people say about Earth Mother Sound Healing…

“The healing experience is gentle, nurturing and safe in that memories, attachments, toxicities release when ready from wherever they are held…”

~ C.

I felt so peaceful and calm and warm and safe and relaxed… and the following days and weeks since have felt more grounded and centred and supported…”

~ Caddy
Mother, Singer Songwriter, Clinical Pastoral Carer

“The sessions were relaxing and releasing, affirming and strengthening, and most insightful… exactly what I needed to support me through a major life transition…”

~ Jacqui Bohuslav-Andrews

“…The [Sound Healing] sessions have helped me become more self-aware. And it has greatly affected me on a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional level…”

~ Teresa

“Lucinda’s gentle chanting was sublime, helping to further take me to a safe and calm space.

“I would highly recommend Lucinda’s Sound Healing session for deep relaxation and insights into the self.”

~ J.B.

“The sound healing journey offered by Lucinda is a truly unique, uplifting and enriching experience that gently touches on the unconscious.

~ Anne Hymer

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chakra series with Lucinda Curran @ earth mother sound healing

Enrol today for just AU$47