Are you Living in a Rental?

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Don’t Let It Ruin Your Health!

Are you living in a rental property?

Do you feel trapped because you don’t own the place so there are limits on what you can change?

Frustrated that the landlord doesn’t get it that mould is an issue?

Perhaps you are moving from a place that has not supported your health and you want to know what to do next?

There are so many things to consider when so much is out of your control.

Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have a Step-By-Step Guide… ?

… on how to prevent contaminating your new place

… to show you the way to protect your health

… that explains how you can protect your belongings

… that empowers you to know and defend your rights

… and helps you how to resolve issues, if they arise

It would be like a weight has been lifted…

That the cloud of confusion has vanished

That you are finally free to live in a more relaxed way.

Hi! I’m Lucinda Curran.

I’ve assessed hundreds of buildings for environmental stressors and helped thousands of people to improve their health, wellbeing and happiness.  

And the great news for you is that I’ve created a step-by-step formula to help you identify how to live more safely in a rental property the Blueprint to Living in a Rental.

What Do You Get?

5 Modules, with one unlocked each week

34 lessons in total that are short and easy to get through

Worksheets and Checklists to support your learning

Practical, useful and relevant information

Fluff-free lessons – time is precious, right?

MODULE 1: Preparing for the Move – value $297

Find out how you could inadvertently contaminate your new place, if you weren’t in the know.

Discover industry insider secrets that will prevent you from doing this.

Map out and master the steps to clean your items properly, especially when mould is an issue. 

Uncover simple tricks to protect your belongings from contamination during the move.

MODULE 2: Their House, Your Home – value $197

Understand the importance of one of the most overlooked documents when renting.

Peek inside my little black book of who is in your corner.

Find out where you stand and what your rights are.

Discover what makes a good tenant.

Learn more about share-houses and how they may impact your health.

MODULE 3: Protecting Your Belongings – value $397

Gain expert insights into mould.

Use this wisdom to learn how to prevent mould.

Find out how to quickly protect your belongings if you suspect a problem.

Learn how to manage (short-term) small amounts of mould in a rental.

MODULE 4: Protecting Your Health – value $297

Discover the hidden hazards that could damage your health and uncover the expert tips to manage them.

Find out why extractor fans could ruin your health.

Delve into how a really simple chore can prevent major issues, especially with mould.

Find out how to manage pests without chemicals.

Get expert tips on reducing your exposure to EMF in your rented home.

Rarely discussed hazards in rental properties are revealed along with how to protect your health from them.

MODULE 5: Communicating Effectively to Get Helpvalue $147

Find out the simple hacks to communicate well to get things done.

Get a good look inside my little black book of who is in your corner.

Discover how to resolve issues with minimal stress.

Now, all of this information is already so valuable, with industry secrets shared with you…

But I wanted to assist you even further

So here are some bonuses!



Access to our private Facebook Group

value priceless

Here you can interact with others that are on a similar path. This is a place where you can ask questions, be supported and share.


A Free copy of our most popular
Creating a Healthy Home Guide

value $97

This will provide you with a clear understanding of some of the most common environmental stressors. Knowledge is power, so let’s arm you with relevant information.


A Live 60-minute Group Coaching Call

value $497

Every situation is different, I get it. That is why I wanted to offer you the opportunity to join me live on a group coaching call where you can ask your questions and have them answered on the spot.


Lifetime Access and Updates

value $1000s

Many courses these days boot you out after a month or so.

Not here!

You get lifetime access to the course AND this includes any updates.

What Makes Lucinda’s
Courses Different?

One Of A Kind

Lucinda shares her unique skills, insights and knowledge about the way the built environment impacts health, environmental stressors and how to regain health without holding back.

There are literally no other courses out there that even compare.

Instant Access

As soon as you purchase the course, you will get immediate access to these logically presented lessons, information and practical tips.

Lifetime Access With Free Updates

Unlike most courses that withdraw access or make you pay for updates, once you’ve paid, you’ve paid – even if you bought it at the super low launch price!

Lucinda is committed to providing the best quality information and wants you to be up to date with it.

Self-Paced Learning

Sitting at the computer for extended periods can be draining, and outright impossible for anyone with environmental sensitivities.

Therefore there are no deadlines or pressures – so you can work through the material at your own pace.

Fluff-Free, Convenient And Empowering

There is no fluff and long-drawn out monologues that say nothing in Lucinda’s courses. She is direct, clear and dedicated to empowering you.

The content is delivered online, so you can complete it at home, work or on the go.


With all the lessons in bite-sized chunks, worksheets to support your learning and checklists to help guide you, so you are ready to take action every step of the way.

Community Support

There is nothing like having a community around you who are on a similar journey. You can share experiences, ask questions and get support in our private Facebook community.

Blueprint to Living in a Rental is invaluable for you as a renter, and what is more the bonuses will truly help you on your way!

Within the 34 bite-sized lessons, I share with you:

Industry insider secrets

My little black book of who is in your corner

Practical tips and useful information for

Preparing for the move

Avoiding contaminating your new place

Understanding your rights

Protecting your belongings

Protecting your health AND

Getting help when something goes wrong 

17 worksheets to guide your learning

And access to my many years of helping people in this exact situation 

This in itself is over $10,000 worth of value!


Access to our private
Facebook Group
value priceless

A Free copy of our most popular
Creating a Healthy Home Guide
value $97

A live 60-minute
group Coaching Call
value $497

Lifetime Access and Updates
value $1000s

There is nothing like this available anywhere else. So, if you want in on the Blueprint to Living in a Rental, click below to complete your payment and get instant access!