Smart Meter Shielding Guide.


Smart Meter Shielding Guide – get your your hands on these expert tips!

This is suitable for both renters and owners.

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Smart Meter Shielding Guide – What I Love About It

This Smart Meter Shielding Guide is 16-pages of goodness!

It was an opportunity for me to share my tips as an expert with you… to make keeping safe from the smart meter easy and doable.

Smart Meters were rolled out in my state at the height (or should I say, “depths”) of my sensitivities. I know just how badly it can affect our health.

As well, from the work I have done with clients and the thousands of conversations I have had with people about them, I have seen first hand how intensely they can adversely affect our sleep. Sleep is crucial to wellbeing. It is the time when our bodies heal, detoxify and recover from the days’ adventures. When our sleep is impacted, our sensitivities (amongst other things) can increase.

Dealing with the Smart Meter is essential… and that is where this Guide will come in handy.

What is a Smart Meter Shielding Guide?

It’s 16-pages of goodness delivered directly to you – once you have purchased it, you will be able to download your copy immediately.

What it covers:

  1. Introduction – where you get the basics on smart meters
  2. Aren’t Smart Meters Smarter? – where we explore just what they emit. This is like EMF 101.
  3. Understanding More About EMF – in this section, we explore the four types of EMF emitted in enough detail for you to understand what we are dealing with
  4. Some Facts About EMF and Health – where we summarise what WHO and IARC have decided as well as delve into some scientific research
  5. Smart Meters – What Can Be Done? – in this section, we go over seven options that you could explore, with one of them being shielding
  6. Shielding – Risks and Considerations – understanding this is essential to getting it right
  7. Standard Smart Meter Shielding – this is where we define “standard” and provide you with the step-by-step information
  8. Options for Renters – just because you rent, doesn’t mean you can’t be safe
  9. Here’s All That You Need – we revise just what you need – so you can purchase only what is necessary, not what some salesperson has “sold” you on
  10. Important Points – this provides the most important points of all
  11. Want Help? – here we cover the options available to you
  12. About the Author – meet Lucinda and understand why she is an expert in Smart Meter Shielding 

How to Use Your Guide

Download and read through your copy.

Decide whether or not yours is a “standard” or “non-standard” installation.

If it is standard, then please follow the steps provided.

If it is non-standard, then you need further guidance. In that case, please book a Hidden Hazards Hotline Call.

NOTE: If you purchase your Smart Meter Shielding Kit here, then you automatically get a FREE 10-minute Smart Meter Shielding Call as a bonus!


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