Looking for a New Place? Avoid the Pitfalls of the Uninhabitable

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Are You Looking For A New Place?

  • Do you suffer from environmental sensitivities?
  • Desperately trying to find a home that isn’t going to make you sick, or sicker?
  • Feel forced to settle on a less-than-ideal home because funds are tight?
  • Multiple home assessments haven’t helped you find the perfect place, but you can’t afford to keep coughing up cash?


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In Looking for a New Place? Avoid the Pitfalls, indoor environmental health expert Lucinda Curran reveals how to streamline the house-hunting process, eliminate uninhabitable homes with confidence, and make a promising shortlist of homes for professional assessments.

No more:

  • Time wasted on pointless inspections
  • Money spent on unnecessary assessments
  • Needless exposure to toxins at inspections
  • Settling for uninhabitable properties
  • Heartache on learning that the ‘perfect’ home wasn’t right after all


“I am now better able to rule out unsuitable properties from the comfort of my home which saves me time, energy and cuts down on exposures. The checklist of what to look for in and around the property is very comprehensive and makes it so easy to look for the potential dangers that may be lurking. This course is a must have for anyone wanting to know what to look for and avoid when searching for a healthy home.” – Genevieve, VIC

About Your Trainer

Hi! My name is Lucinda Curran and I have studied, researched, up-skilled and implemented my very own formula for thoroughly assessing the built environment for hidden hazards that can adversely affect the health of the occupants.

Over the years, I have assessed hundreds of buildings, helping thousands of people to improve their health, wellbeing and lives.

In my field, I am a recognised thought leader and have a sound reputation in being thorough, detailed and having “the knack” of picking up on the most minute details that can turn a situation around for my clients.

What’s Included

13 eLEARNING LESSONS valued at AU$1047 including:


  • Introduction
  • Decide Before You Get There
  • Online Research
  • Sensitive People and House-Hunting
  • Conclusion


  • Introduction
  • Outside
  • Bedrooms
  • Wet Rooms
  • General Knowledge
  • Conclusion + 132-point checklist

13 WORKSHEETS – Put your new knowledge into action immediately

INSTANT ACCESS to the course



132-POINT EXPERT CHECKLIST – Inspect potential properties with confidence

FREE UPGRADES AND ADDITIONS for the lifetime of the course

FREE MEMBERSHIP to our Facebook community, Healthy (and Safe) Living

BONUS Smart Meter Shielding Guide. Your 18-page guide to smart meters – and how to outsmart them. Value AU$97

BONUS 2-hour “Ask The Expert” Call, where you can ask Lucinda your questions. Value AU$747

What People Say…

“We now have a ton of valuable information to improve our environment that has been laid out in such a simplistic way.” – Belinda, ACT.


“My Eco Health Solutions’ assessment has been very important for us. It really helped me to focus on the issue of electromagnetic radiation, which I know is so needed, but that can be forgotten in day to day life. The space here feels better already.” – K. James, Canberra


“[Lucinda] saved me from relocating my workshop into a building with mould issues and very high radio frequencies… I have dealt with other building biologists prior to enlisting Lucinda and I can tell you she is miles ahead of the rest.” – Julia deVille, Collingwood, Victoria


“I’m not sure you will ever fully realise how much I appreciate your kindness and professional advice. I’m not sure I can express it in words. So, as simple as this may seem, know that there is a lot of heart behind it when I say thank you, Lucinda, thank you.” – A., Victoria


“I went to see the house this morning… and decided not to go ahead. Thank you so much for saving me from making a terrible mistake. I owe you so much.” – K

Looking For A New Place


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