Dealing with Mould

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If mould is a problem for you, then


Dealing with Mould is a game-changer!

Join me as I take you behind the scenes to share information that will empower you and allow you to make informed choices.


This mini course is a culmination of Lucinda’s assessments of hundreds of homes, extensive training and mentoring from industry experts.


In her usual way, Lucinda cuts to the chase to provide relevant information that is succinct, practical and well-researched.

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Here’s what you’ll get over the 4 Modules (which are complete with worksheets to help you capture her insights and actionable steps).

Module 1: Cleaning Your Belongings

In this module, Lucinda share industry secrets so that you can determine if your belongings can be cleaned, as well as learning the correct way to do this.

She also prepares you for moving day – so that you don’t contaminate your new home.

Module 2: Understanding Mould

Here, Lucinda explains the details of mould and how it behaves. This will help you protect your health, your household and your belongings.

In this module, you’ll discover the many reasons why mould can become a problem, and find out how to prevent these issues.

And, Lucinda provides guidance on how to manage the situation with a landlord, if you rent.

Module 3: Preventing Mould

In this hands-on module, Lucinda takes you through all the tasks and checks that you can do to prevent issues with mould in the bathrooms and laundry – as well as providing a guide to how often this needs to be done.

Module 4: Bonus

In this module, Lucinda shares her stance on dehumidifiers, the role they play and how to use them effectively.

As well, a replay of the Q&A call will be available, along with a ton of other resources.


As a renter, there are many limitations on what you can do both in preventing and addressing mould.

This is why, throughout this course, Lucinda shares extra tips to help you as a renter.


Meet Lucinda

Lucinda Curran is a Healthy Home Specialist with a background in building biology, health sciences and education.

She specialises in the ways that buildings can adversely affect health and vitality.

Over the last 9+ years, she has assessed hundreds of properties, assisted thousands of clients and has been recognised globally as a leader in her field.

She has a solid reputation with the public and allied industries, and presented training across Australia to Building Surveyors, lectured at ACES and hosted the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium. Lucinda has been invited to speak conferences in Australia and New Zealand, including AIBS, BOINZ and A5M.

Lucinda creates practical online courses and programs that tackle the nexus where our built environments and our health merge to empower her clients in protecting their health so that they can live the lives that they choose.


What do you get? Dealing with Mould includes –

>> Online course so you can access it from anywhere 🖥️

>> 4 modules made up of 18+ lessons so that information is chunked into manageable sizes 📗📗📗📗 

>> Downloadable worksheets to support your learning 📋

>> Bonus content including a 90-minute Q&A Call Replay* so you can learn from the questions that others have 🎁

>> Lifetime access so you can progress at your own pace 😇


*If you enrol before 11th June 2022, you can take part in the Q&A Call – meaning you can ask Lucinda your specific questions and get answers on the spot. 💃🏽🕺🏾


Who is this for?

This course is for you if –

✅ You’ve ever had issues with mould (in your building or with your health).

✅ Your belongings have been in a mouldy environment.

✅ You want to make sure that you don’t contaminate your new home.

✅ If you are a renter, you’ll love the extra information designed for people in your situation.

✅ You, or someone in your household, is sensitive to mould or has other health issues.


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