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In this Action Pack, we delve into some common allergens and, of course, what to do to reduce your exposure. It contains many references to research papers, as well as being packed with practical tips on managing pollen, insects and pet allergens. #allergens #hayfever #seasonalrhinitis #allergicrhinitis #asthma #pollen #dustmite #cockroach #dogs #cats

This month we look at hidden mould, what it is and more importantly, why it occurs. I share some of the most fascinating understandings of buildings, moisture and mould and arm you with simple and powerful strategies to stay ahead of mould – and prevent it becoming an issue. #Mould #Condensation #PreventingMould #Moisture

Do you know how important sleep is for our health? Get a deeper understanding about sleep and how it affects us – both negatively and positively. And discover many things that you can do to improve your sleep. #Sleep #EMF #IndoorAir #Mould

Did you know that indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air? In this pack, we explore what contributes to poor indoor air quality… And of course, what to do about it. I share my top 5 most effective strategies for improving indoor air quality. #IndoorAir

In this pack, we seek out the low-tox options pots, pans and bakeware. Lucinda reviews a range of “new generation” pots and pans, providing you with a helpful list of safe options – including the pros and cons of each. #IndoorAir #ToxicLoad

Find out more about the treatment of water and possible contaminants. Discover which components filter out which contaminants. Assess your own filter with the handy checklist. And find out which filters (and suppliers) that Lucinda recommends. #DrinkingWater #Contaminants #IndoorAir

This pack takes you into the world of remediation – helping you identify what you can clean, and when you need the professionals. Step by step instructions on cleaning your belongings are provided… As well as insiders’ tips for dealing with remediators. #Mould #WaterDamage #Remediation

Lucinda explains all about the types of electromagnetic fields (EMF) used in wireless technology – in a way that you will understand! From here, she takes you through steps to reduce your exposure to this radiation from the three most common sources in your home. #ElectromagneticFields #EMF #EME #Radiofrequency #WirelessTechnology

Astonishingly, lead is still common in our homes – despite what you might expect! Lead is known to lower IQ, developmental issues in children; and a host of issues for adults including heart disease, reduced sperm count and dementia. Find out where it is lurking and what you can do about it. #Lead #HeavyMetals #IndoorAir #DrinkingWater

Discover the biggest time thief in your life… and how to wean yourself off it. When you calculate how many more hours each day you can have, you can begin to see where you could use that time to be productive, nourish yourself or do things with your loved ones.
#ElectromagneticFields #EMF #EME #Radiofrequency

In this pack, you will discover where to find the information you need to determine if a product is safe to use or it is cloaked in clever marketing! Lucinda will share her DIY Cleaning Toolkit with you so that you can save money, your health and the environment. As well, you will find out how to clean effectively so that you can save time, energy and effort. #ToxicLoad #Chemicals #Cleaning #IndoorAir

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation about 5G. Lucinda takes you through what you need to know and understand about it so that you can protect your household – and avoid the nonsense, fear-mongering and hysteria. Instead, she provides you with useful and practical information that you can implement right away. #5G #ElectromagneticFields #EMF #EME #Radiofrequency

As Melbourne went into lockdown, it was clear that many more people were going to be spending their 95+% of their time at home – together. It became clear that there were five hidden hazards that could potentially worsen. So Lucinda addresses all of these in this Action Pack and provides practical steps to mitigate and manage each one of them. #Mould #WaterDamage #ElectromagneticFields #EMF #EME #IndoorAir